How Digital Streaming TV is Reshaping the Automotive Industry?

digital streaming tv for automotive industry

As the connected vehicle market grows, this opportunity is increasingly being seen by other industries, such as mobile phones. As a result, product digitization provides automotive OEMs with powerful tools to continue customer relationships after purchasing the vehicle. By shifting away from episodic engagement, OEMs can take advantage of the continuous engagement of consumers.

CTV Advertising

The automotive industry isn’t immune to the ramifications of streaming video. Despite its traditional role in marketing and advertising, it lags behind in digital marketing. While buying TV ads has a long-standing history, it is increasingly difficult to measure the impact of those commercials as more people watch television on streaming services. Also, most viewers multitask while watching TV and mute commercials during commercial breaks. That makes TV advertising an expensive proposition. To better understand the true impact of TV ads and prepare for the future of automotive surveys, automotive companies must embrace digital marketing tactics.

In-Car Infotainment Systems

If you’re in the market for a new car, you might be interested in how digital streaming TV is changing the automotive industry. In-car technology is now ubiquitous, from ordering a pizza when leaving the office to giving vehicle range stats and movie information. The next generation of cars may feature in-car tech that makes life easier. The automotive industry is not immune to these changes, so it’s crucial to stay up-to-date with technology.

As smartphone and tablet users continue to increase, the connected car market is growing rapidly, bringing new ways to engage with consumers. In today’s connected world, customers research products online, purchase them and share their experiences. As a result, car manufacturers must now provide a way to process all this data and translate it into valuable services. 


Connectivity will become even more important as consumers worry less about driving safety. With infotainment systems becoming more sophisticated, advertisers can target their campaigns to match the preferences of their target audience, allowing them to pitch their new lease to a customer’s tastes. In addition, with automotive software updates coming more frequently, marketers will also be able to tailor advertisements to specific tastes. 

Covid-19 Crisis

The automotive industry is at a critical crossroads. Reinvention means changing the way you do things or staying the same and maintaining the status quo. The future is now, and it’s up to business leaders to seize the opportunity to reinvent their core operations. Whether in the automotive industry now or not, you have a short window of opportunity to reinvent your business model.

OEMs have been amid major disruptions, from crippling travel to worldwide factory closures and mass layoffs. However, this latest disruption has given them some early warnings of how this industry will look in the future. In this article, we’ll discuss some key ways this technology is already reshaping the automotive industry. While the industry is undergoing massive changes, many are optimistic. OEMs have become more cooperative with partners and are now focusing on new areas. 

3-D Printing

Earlier this year, the COVID-19 restrictions forced the automotive industry to pivot, forcing it to adapt. But as we look back, this was a very different time for the industry. As a result, it has laggard status regarding digital maturity. According to McKinsey’s Digital Quotient, the automotive industry scores far below its peers in adopting digital channels.

As the audience for live TV continues to shift toward streaming services, automotive companies must develop unique marketing strategies that reach prospective audiences effectively. In addition to better tracking ad spending, digital marketing can target audiences with relevant messages. By using advanced analytics, automotive companies can better determine their campaigns’ effectiveness and track their ad spending impact. But even before investing in digital advertising, the automotive industry must embrace new digital marketing tactics.

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